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Oct 11, 2019

❗❗Scot comes forward with BREAKING news.❗❗

👨‍🏫Recommendations 👨‍🏫
'Keto for Cancer' - Miriam Kalamian

📅Upcoming Events 📅
October 12, 2019 - Brain Tumor 5K
Register with team 'Tumor Tales' to help the fight!

00:00 Introduction to Real Estate World Podcast
01:25 Cancer and its Nemesis - Garlic
Hear Scot's story.
Follow Scot 👀as he embarks on the journey, to be VICTOR. 👑
Scot does have strong allies on his side, 👊to get to the 'roots of the problem'.
01:50 Meeting @yourgarlicguy LIVE
Jeremy provides deeper insight for health enthusiasts, as we listen to the whispers from under the ground. 🤫
03:10 😶😮Scot's Big Announcement 😮😶
09:15 What do you have?
14:45 FOLLOW the Journey on 'Tumor Tales'
15:50 Join the fight against Brain Tumors Everyone
St. Jude's Cancer Research
Scot's Birthday Fundraiser 🎂surpassed goal of $3000 - Thank you to all who helped make this possible!! 👏👏

25:28 👺'Troll Whisper' 👺 - Still silent
26:00 Disrupter Segment - 'Offerpad'
Jesse goes off on an 📣EPIC 📣rant, unannounced to him, on Facebook Live.🤣🤣
Hear about the challenges first hand as a closing faced new roadblocks in the late stages of the game. Make sure to check the video out on YouTube: 👉👉 👈👈

36:00 🥊"REAL ESTATE WARS" 🥊- Compass 🧭
Real Estate Wars segment has Compass on the bench, as the plaintiff is accusing Compass they were instrumental in the development of the platform. Catch Scot's thoughts on the accusations.

54:50 Alec VanDyke interview from Tom Ferry Success Summit
🤔🏆The crew is drawn back to the Tom Ferry Success Summit from August 2019 to talk with South Florida Real Estate Agent, Alec VanDyke. Alec tells about his experiences as an agent, and what inspiration was drawn from the Tom Ferry Success Summit.
Alec VanDyke - 772-349-5936